$TICOโ€™s total supply will be distributed as follows:

  • 7% will be used in Seed sales.

  • 10% will be used in Private sales

  • 2.5% will be used in Strategic sales

  • 2% will be used allocated towards sales to different Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) that believe in and support our vision.

  • 4% will be for the Public, distributed throughout the Token Generation Event (TGE).

  • 14% of the total supply will be used for In-Game Rewards & Limited Edition NFTs.

  • 12.5% will be allocated for the Team.

  • 3% will be destined for Advisors that help reach Funticoโ€™s business goals.

  • 20% will be used for the Treasury & Eco Fund, to support future product and business developments.

  • 10% will be allocated for Marketing efforts and Partnerships.

  • 15% will be used to create a Liquidity Pool for $TICO. This will ensure enhanced market liquidity, reduced price slippage, and improved trading efficiency for $TICO, fostering a more stable and accessible environment for the community and contributing to a more liquid ecosystem.

This is just a start for $TICO. As the Funtico platform progresses, we plan to include more features to ensure that the reward allocation, the $TICO Bucket, and liquidity are solid for the community.

*Note: before the TGE, the details/allocations/vesting & lock-up periods related to the tokenomics, are subject to change!

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