Platform Rank Progression

Aside from regular progress within games, players on the Funtico platform will gain Platform Rank as they engage through platform activities.

Users ascend in rank by amassing "XP points" as they progress within Funtico. These points are earned through various means, including daily logins, active participation in platform activities, tournaments.

Additionally, users have the opportunity to gather further XP points by unlocking capsules and scratch cards. Inviting others to join the Funtico platform or undertaking special promotional quests also yields XP points.

As users level up through the Platform Ranks, they unlock exclusive rewards tailored to their achievements and dedication within the ecosystem.

Player rank has account-bound lifetime progression and seasonal progression. My Rank is a permanent progression of the user through the Funtico Platform and Games. Season progression refers to special time-limited promo periods where users can claim rewards for a specific period.

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