๐Ÿ”—Funtico as an Ecosystem

Funtico is a robust ecosystem that stands on the foundation of a full Web3 gaming stack, offering a home for gamers and developers. Weโ€™ve created an infrastructure for seamless processing, user experience, and blockchain technology to support Funtico, and the four pillars Funtico provides to its community:

  • Experienced game publisher: With a huge game development team of several studios, hundreds of staff, and decades of experience, Funtico is well-positioned to publish high-quality games of any genre to usher in a new era in the Web3 market.

  • Funtico Platform: The Funtico Platform is your go-to hub to access everything Funtico โ€“ including the marketplace, games, competitions, and more!

  • Funtico Marketplace: Players actually own their game items and assets, which they can buy in the Funtico marketplace. This should never be an inconvenience, and our process is streamlined to give the ownership of Web3 with the convenience of Web2.

  • $TICO: Our utility token, $TICO is the gateway to our games, marketplace, and platform. As an interoperable utility token, it seamlessly fits into all Funticoโ€™s existing, future and partnerโ€™s games for all users.

Funtico isn't just about playing; it's about progression and community. Players are incentivized to maintain activity through loyalty and progression mechanisms, creating an environment where Funtico is a fun part of daily life. This system is not just for the occasional player but also caters to the die-hard gaming aficionado.

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