Funtico's core mission revolves around incentivizing gamers, showcased through its frequent tournaments. Divided into Big Prize and Regular categories, these tournaments offer diverse opportunities for players to compete and win.

Major Tournaments

Funtico's upcoming tournaments promise excitement on a monthly or seasonal basis, with the largest events featuring prizes totaling at least 100,000 USDT. The bulk of these rewards will consist of the most popular and trending external NFTs, adding variety to experience on the platform.

Structured with semi-final and final stages, attendees can access these events with consumable tickets โ€“ essential items within Funtico for tournament participation. Adding a competitive twist, different communities can rally under their flag, working together to bring home the prize.

The inaugural event will take place within one of our flagship titles โ€“ Formula Funtico, a classic kart racing game.

Our partners also have the opportunity to organize tournaments tailored to their community's preferences, fostering inclusivity and diversity within the gaming landscape.

Regular Tournaments

Funtico is a versatile platform, capable of accommodating numerous tournament structures. Swift contests concluding within minutes to slightly more prolonged battles spanning hours will be available to players ready to jump into the action and pay their entry fee using $TICO tokens.

To ensure integrity and fairness, participants will remain unaware of final results until all have completed the tournament. Upon the tournament's conclusion, $TICO and prizes will be distributed to participants according to their verified placement.


The Leaderboard provides users with a visual representation of their standing relative to other players within the prize pool tournament. Tailored to various time-specific tournaments, such as hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly competitions, each Leaderboard offers insight into players' rankings. This is a valuable tool for players to gauge whether they have amassed enough points or best time to qualify for specific rewards they desire.

Also, our partners can enjoy the thrill of competition between their communities and also some bragging rights, giving them the ability to represent and support their โ€œflagโ€. This unlocks a totally new incentivisation and engagement mechanic on the gaming world. If members of the community from other web3 brands we partner with unite and win tournaments, that may end up influencing the next prize pool in the form of more amazing NFTs from that community!

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