Customizing Competition

Branded Tournaments

Branded Tournaments offer organizations and communities a way to use Funticoโ€™s established tournament framework to promote engagement and offer rewards to their supporters and members.

Tournaments can be hosted with a fee in $TICO, and may be customized to fit whatever a communityโ€™s needs are. The Funtico platform allows everyone to enjoy the competition without worrying about organization and execution, creating a fun way to build both teams and community.

Community Tournaments and Leaderboards

Regularly, Funtico will host Community Tournaments. In these tournaments, communities can contribute $TICO to the prize pool for the opportunity to send a team of players to the tournament. These players will square off against the top performers sent by other communities, fighting to win rewards for their community!

Private Rooms and Tournaments

For organizations looking for hosted competitions and gaming, Funtico can also offer more customized and agile solutions. Users can pay a small, regular $TICO fee to maintain private room access to a specific game, or gate access to a private tournament behind consumables, whitelist or owned items.

Competition is at the heart of Funtico, but that doesnโ€™t mean it always has to be big competition. No matter the format of hosted gaming a user is looking for, the Funtico platform has options.

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