๐Ÿ”ซEarth Version 2

Earth Version 2 is an open world action game currently under development. Dive into a dangerous, gritty look at our future. Defend the planet from infesting aliens, attempting to drain its lifeforce. Explore on foot, or kick your thrusters into high gear and fly into intense aerial combat. Battle enemy players and PVE bosses to gain rare and unique rewards!

Kill, Loot, Repeat

Throughout the battle in EV2, youโ€™ll face fast-paced, looter shooter action. Use what scavenge from aliens to grow stronger. Strip the upgrades from fallen enemy player to enhance your suit before the next fight.

Battle Tactics

Create your perfect squad using different classes to customize your strategy, then take on epic bosses or square off against other players in multiple game modes.

Suit Up

Each defender of the Earth has streamlined their gear and tech specifically for their fighting style:

  • Brute is the suit chosen by the tactical tanks who want to be on the frontlines, protecting their squad and facing danger head-on.

  • Cloaker complements an ambush fighter, who mainly employs stealth alongside quick, deadly attacks.

  • Pathfinder is a suit that is customized for recon and team support. Its drone companion is always there to look over you and your teammatesโ€™ shoulders โ€“ providing healing, shielding, and covering fire.

  • Mag specializes in control over the battlefield. Their suits harness cosmic energy to heal allies and unleash devastating elemental attacks, drastically shifting the tides of battle.

Each suit base is just a starting point for your fight to save the Earth. During your fight, youโ€™ll find numerous upgrades and customizations to make your strategy your own.

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