The Summoners NFT Collection

The first ever NFT mint organized by Funtico and created for the OGs and early believers, The Necromancer (part of The Summoners Collection), was designed to not only give unique perks to the early holders, but also to bring together different community-partners, such as Avalanche, Steady, Lazy Lions, Chikn, Dokkaebi, CozyVerse, Mars Cats, Dokyo or Yeet.

On 30 of May, 2024, 888 Necromancers were released and available for public minting, leading to a โ—SOLD OUT within 24hโ— Each whitelisted account was able to mint a maximum of three Necromancers. Along with their Summoner NFT, each owner also received the following exclusive extra free/bonus perks for each mint:

  • 48,888 $TICO (as Bonus Platform Tokens)

  • 3 Golden Tickets for Major Tournaments

  • 4x Activity Points Multiplier (APs), a very high and valuable incentive that offers life-time access to the $TICO Bucket (a feature rewarding the most engaged players in the platform, that can also be delegated, as described in "The $TICO Bucket" sub-chapter).

After seeing the success of Season 1, from the Summoners Collection, most likely future seasons/editions will follow, with deep connection to the Funtico Platform and its games.

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