๐Ÿง BrainyAI

BrainyAI is the Funtico ecosystemโ€™s onboard AI, which aids both the platform and users in many actions to create a more productive and fun platform. The implementation of BrainyAI not only allows for a more robust and powerful gaming platform, but also enables users and external developers to access powerful tools to engage with the Funtico ecosystem and enhance their experience in Funtico. While BrainyAI is one cohesive solution from a platform perspective, users are likely to engage with it in several different facets:


This application of BrainyAI focuses on fraud detection and prevention, ensuring a more stable and reliable platform for all users. BrainyAI allows better detection of fraudulent funds, allowing seamless cooperation with regulatory authorities without hampering userโ€™s experience on the platform. ShieldGuard actively monitors accounts for suspect behavior, protecting users from compromised account attacks.


This BrainyAI application allows Funtico to customize the user experience and monetization efforts to optimal levels. Web3 economies are complex, and MidasTouch is capable of supplying us with real time data and analytics on pricing models and in-game itemization to balance the sustainability of web3 ecosystems while also ensuring that Funtico itself is a healthy and productive business model.


The ForgeEngine allows external developers to access the full power of BrainyAI in game development, resulting in better development and better game experiences on the Funtico platform. Developers can use BrainyAI to prototype assets like avatars, music, and environments easily without wasting time and resources. Anti-botting mechanisms allow seamless integration of live ops guardrails and sustainability.


SupportSphere is the automated support system powered by BrainyAI. This support system streamlines triage with machine learning. Our support system will react intuitively to common problems, but also readily tags in human support team members when required. AI assistance is not a replacement for humans, but simply a tool to enhance their effectiveness.


GameBuddy is a dedicated assistant for players on the Funtico platform. This assistant takes the form of a pet that not only helps new users navigate the platform, but also will augment tutorials within games and help players find their strategic footing. The assistant will learn along with the player, providing more valuable assistance as the player gets more advanced with their knowledge of the platform.


CraftHub is your home for user-generated content on the Funtico platform. As a player unlocks more perks on the Funtico platform, they will have the opportunity to design their own assets to be integrated with Funtico, such as avatars and pets. Using tools like random generation with narrowing iteration, text to model, or a host of other customization options, any player can create NFTs that theyโ€™re proud of, regardless of artistic ability.


InsightPulse functions as a standalone CRM within the Funtico platform. Its powerful toolset can analyze user behavior on any scale, ensuring that we are able to customize the user experience perfectly to make Funtico the best it can be for each player. No two gamers are alike, and InsightPulse ensures that we donโ€™t misunderstand the motivations of gamers on our platform and that weโ€™re capable of bringing exciting experiences to everyone, no matter what they find fun.

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