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The Funtico Platform is redefining gaming by creating a state-of-the-art ecosystem with a comprehensive range of services for gamers and developers, which includes the Funtico 360 Studio, NFT Marketplace, Creatorโ€™s Studio, loyalty programs, and more.

Gamers can enhance their experience with multi-layered NFT rewards within games and on the platform. Part of this includes loyalty programs & player progression systems to reward the most skilled and engaged players.

Empowered by immense accumulated experience, the Funtico team constantly develops new games to unite players across the globe while also seeking new partners to bring amazing new titles to our platform. Our extensive partner network, which includes companies like Digi Code, Bambuk, and Rapid Innovation, enhances our global presence.

Funtico 360 Studio

Our 360 Studio provides a comprehensive solution that caters to every aspect of the gaming experience. offering everything from game publishing to crafting engaging reward loops for players. In this studio, we invite developers to publish their games with Funtico, providing them with the resources and platform to tap into a wide, enthusiastic gaming community that can help make their project a success.

We also accommodate Web2 games interested in building within the Web3 space with our API and SDK integration. These help teams that want to leverage blockchain technology without totally rewriting their ideas from the ground up. In addition, we provide our tokenomics expertise to help games deploy simplified game economies based on a single token, $TICO.

Within the 360 Studio, we also have a range of management tools for game developers, such as a marketing platform, player management, and dashboard. It is complete with instant access to the Funtico Marketplace and several other integrations that reflect player progression and rewards.

NFT Marketplace

The Funtico Marketplace bridges the gap between in-game action and items, creating a secure platform for buying in-game assets as NFTs.

We cut the complexity out of Web3 by simplifying the process. NFTs on our site are held in cold storage, backed by an insurance policy. This means any player who wants to buy an item for their game will find the same instant fulfilment they get in a Web2 game, without tons of gas fees and wallet management. Only when players choose to or move their NFTs off the Funtico platform will players need to actually interact with the blockchain.

Finally, a Web3 platform where a full Web3 education isnโ€™t required to participate. This is everybodyโ€™s gaming platform.

Creator's Studio

The Creator's Studio empowers developers to mint their NFTs and create their content to contribute to fostering a creative and participative community.

Engagement and Rewards

  • Platform Rank Progression (PRP): Our platform rewards players for their skill and engagement, offering unique rewards and NFTs.

  • Capsules: A feature that rewards players for playing games and winning tournaments. Rewards are mainly in-game items and packs from Funtico Games.

  • Scratch Cards: These digital cards offer a variety of prizes, from unique digital items to NFTs. Experience the thrill of scratching off the surface to reveal your reward instantly. A fun and quick way to win amazing prizes on the Funtico platform!

  • Loot Boxes: These digital treasure chests are available through various activities on the platform, from limited edition boxes, and starter packs, to reaching key milestones.

  • Affiliate program: We encourage everyone, including content creators, players, and key opinion leaders (KOLs), to promote Funtico by rewarding their efforts for expanding our community.

  • Loyalty program: Designed to reward our most skilled and active players, enhancing their gaming experience through multi-layered rewards.

Developer-Focused Management Layer

  • Marketing and player management tools: Our dashboard offers developers instant access to market their games, along with various integration options like game achievements.

  • Simplified game economy: We enable games to leverage blockchain technology using our API and SKD solutions, simplifying their game economy with $TICO.

Security is paramount at Funtico. We employ cutting-edge technology to ensure the safety and security of our users' assets.

Custodial and cold storage wallets ensure the highest security for our users' assets with well-secured cold wallets. We also employ advanced cloud solutions like AWS to provide a reliable and scalable gaming platform.

Custodial and cold storage wallets ensure the highest security for our users' assets with well-secured cold wallets. We also employ advanced cloud solutions like AWS to provide a reliable and scalable gaming platform.

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