Transparent Compliance and Analytics

We are committed to maintaining a transparent and fair platform. This commitment extends to our clear monetization and settlement rules, which govern the use of our marketplace and its associated fees.

  • Monetization and settlement rules: backend management to provide clear guidelines on marketplace use and fees, ensuring a fair and transparent ecosystem.

  • Analytics dashboard: Players and developers can track transaction history, game progression, affiliate performance, and more - all in one place.

  • $TICO balance management: Users can easily view and manage their $TICO balance, the utility token of the Funtico ecosystem, ensuring a clear overview of their digital assets.

Seamless Transactions

Understanding the diverse needs of our users, Funtico simplifies transactions within the platform to ensure everyone has a seamless experience. We accomplish this through the following solutions:

  • Onboarding and token swap solutions: With our platform, users can use a wide array of currencies โ€“ digital or fiat โ€“ to acquire $TICO, which is the gateway to the entire Funtico Platform.

  • NFT minting: Our platform facilitates easy minting of NFTs and in-game items from all Funtico games.

  • Near-instant transactions within the Funtico platform with no gas fees.

The $TICO token is an ERC-20 token primarily launched on Avalanche C-Chain, In the future, we plan to develop our on side-chain and also to facilitate bridging to other chains.

Our off-chain ledger plays a big part in streamlining our platform, as players can use, upgrade or trade items within our ecosystem without incurring gas costs or transaction delays. Use your items freely.

By leveraging a sophisticated technology stack, Funtico enables seamless integration, allowing any Web2 game to easily transition into a Web3 experience.

API/SDK Integration: Enabling Seamless Transition

The API/SDK suite within Funtico serves as the backbone for integrating Web2 games into our Web3 ecosystem. This offers developers a set of tools to access the underlying layers and functions of the platform.

Through standardized protocols and comprehensive documentation, developers can gain easy access to the functionalities required for the smooth implementation of their games and a simple transition from Web2 development to Web3 development.

Management Layer: Aggregates game and player parameters

Funtico's management layer acts as the nerve center, enabling efficient management of game parameters and providing a 360-view of player and game management.

Its functionalities include personalized dashboards to track games and players statistics, status, rewards, progression, and in-game inventory, as well as bespoke marketing tools.

Marketing Platform: Empowering Publishers to Promote their Game

Funticoโ€™s dedicated marketing platform empowers game publishers by offering a suite of tools to promote their games within the ecosystem.

  • Targeted campaigns: Publishers can create and execute targeted marketing campaigns to reach specific player segments within and beyond Funticoโ€™s community.

  • Analytics and optimization: Robust analytics tools aid in optimizing game visibility and engagement, providing actionable insights to publishers.

  • Community engagement: Tools for fostering community engagement and interaction, enhancing the visibility and popularity of games on the platform.

Engines: Powering Game Rules and Monetization Strategies

Funtico's engines play a pivotal role in managing game rules, monetization strategies, and settlement protocols. These engines facilitate seamless integration of monetization mechanisms while ensuring fair and transparent gameplay experiences.

This aims to ensure fair gameplay by enforcing and executing game rules across the platform while implementing diverse monetization models, including in-game purchases, or token-based incentives. The engines also handle transactions, rewards, and settlements in a transparent and automated manner, ensuring efficiency and fairness.

NFT Marketplace: Unlocking In-Game Asset Ownership

The platform houses an integrated NFT marketplace where players can buy unique and valuable in-game assets, adding a new dimension of rarity and ownership to the gaming experience.

To read more about the Funtico Marketplace, see the dedicated chapter.

$TICO: The Gamers' Currency

Fuelling the entire Funtico ecosystem is $TICO, an ERC-20 token that serves as the lifeblood of the platform.

To read more about $TICO, see the detailed information on page the $TICO page.

Custodial Security Measures

Security is fundamental for Funtico to protect playersโ€™ assets . As such, we have instituted an ironclad custody system designed to ensure the utmost security and confidence in the platform.

The majority of $TICO tokens are stored within top-tier cold storage wallets. This approach is not merely a precaution, but a proactive measure to nullify any potential risks associated with cyber threats or unauthorized access.

Funtico's custody mechanism operates through a best-in-class cold storage platform provided by Bitgo, a globally recognized leader in digital asset security. By partnering with Bitgo, Funtico strengthens its defenses against any potential vulnerabilities, leveraging cutting-edge security protocols and encryption measures.

This partnership acts to safeguard assets, while simultaneously instilling confidence and assurance among players. Beyond these security measures, Bitgo extends insurance coverage, offering an added layer of protection and peace of mind to every player within the Funtico community.

Infrastructure and Immutable Ledger

Funtico's infrastructure is meticulously designed to ensure robustness, security, and seamless performance for all users. The platform's foundation lies on secure, high-performance servers provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS), a globally recognized leader in cloud computing services. Leveraging AWS infrastructure allows Funtico to benefit from cutting-edge technologies, scalable solutions, and best-in-class security measures.

In addition to AWS servers, Funtico's infrastructure incorporates a distributed ledger technology, ensuring the transparency and immutability of all transactions conducted within the platform. The distributed ledger serves as a decentralized, immutable database that records and validates every transaction in real-time. This distributed nature of the ledger enhances security and reducing the risk of data manipulation or unauthorized access.

By leveraging a QLDB (AWS distributed ledger), Funtico guarantees the integrity and transparency of its transactional data, providing users with complete confidence in the accuracy and authenticity of their interactions within the platform. Furthermore, the immutability of the ledger ensures that once a transaction is recorded, it cannot be altered or tampered with, ensuring the integrity and trustworthiness of the platform's operations.

Overall, Funtico's infrastructure, powered by AWS servers and complemented by a distributed ledger, establishes a solid foundation for a secure, transparent, and efficient platform, delivering a seamless experience for users while upholding the highest standards of integrity and reliability.

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