The Funtico Jackpot

Throughout the operation of the Funtico Platform, a small portion of $TICO spent in certain cases will be allocated to The Jackpot. This pool of $TICO fills up gradually to a semi-randomized pointโ€ฆ users know that the jackpot will distribute eventually, but may not be able to tell exactly when.

When a randomized process determines that itโ€™s time to distribute The Jackpot, the ENTIRE Jackpot will be distributed to one individual. The winning player may be decided randomly from all active players on the platform, or may be determined from Jackpot Tickets given out to players based on their activity in Funtico games.

In either case, Jackpots are intended to be all for one player and based on overall gameplay activity rather than APs, like the $TICO Bucket. Jackpots will distribute regularly, and one will begin filling once the previous has been distributed.

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