Activity Points and Multipliers

Activity Points and Multipliers

Activity Points (APs) are a way to quantify a playerโ€™s engagement and achievements within the platform ecosystem. As a player participates in tournament games, quests, or engages in various ways within the platform, they earn APs. Every period of time (weekly, monthly) the balance of APs a player earned will entitle them to rewards.

The calculation of such reward will be on a pro rata basis. After each allocation the APs will be reset to zero and the $TICO Bucket will begin to accumulate them once again.

The Multiplier enables a user of the platform to boost received AP according to the equation: Multiplier * APs awarded = User AP gained

The Community Activity Points Balance (CAB) is the combined total amount of APs from the eligible users.

Bucket Allocation Equation (โ€œBAEโ€) formula will serve to calculate the amount of rewards each platform users will get for a specific period of time.

(Userโ€™s Points/CAB) * Bucket Total = Reward to user

Here is an example:

If a player has multiple NFTs, he can chose to use any of them, but only one at a time. The multipliers do not stack!

Holders of the NFTs, might be able to delegate their multiplier NFT rights to another community members (a registered player), using a process that would be later announced by the Funtico Team.

Note: Funtico serves the right to have the rewards mechanism based on any reward including $TICOs (Funticoโ€™s utility token)

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