Rewards and Retention

Funtico fosters a captivating gaming environment anchored by a three-tiered incentive structure, serving as the centerpiece for rewarding experiences within Funtico.

  • Skill based distribution: At the foundation of the reward system is the platform-level skill based distribution of $TICO, which is significantly enhanced by the Summoner NFTs. These are not just collectibles but symbols of achievement and progression. This system is founded on unlocking new forms of reward sharing across the platform and elevating a player's standing within the Funtico ecosystem. More info about the Funtico Summoners NFT Collection can be found on

  • In-game rewards: As players journey through diverse games, they find that every title on Funtico is united by a generous reward system that rewards their skill and dedication. Achievements are met with in-game rewards, encouraging progression within the ecosystem.

  • In-app purchases: Web2 convenience meets the best of Web3 with in-app NFT purchases. These enhance gameplay and of course, are fully owned by the player. As players engage in marketplace transactions, they build their collection of items within the Funtico ecosystem. This fosters a vibrant community, powered up by the ability to trade game items within the Funtico Marketplace

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