Welcome to the Funtico Universe

Raising Expectations for Gaming Rewards

In the constantly evolving landscape of Web3 gaming, a platform needs to step beyond the technological barrier to create the ultimate gaming experience โ€“ seamless, engaging, and rewarding.

Welcome to Funtico, a novel approach to gaming that is ready to revolutionize the way we structure game reward systems and incentivized design.

Funtico is built to be a full-stack, cross-chain platform that offers its players a rewarding, AAA experience. Players can enjoy and compete in games across multiple genres โ€“ accessing tournaments with big prizes and racking up rewards through achievements.

By expanding our platform specialized for incentivized design to include a vast network of affiliates and partners, Funtico creates a sustainable and productive relationship for long-term platform growth and success.

Our Vision and Mission

Get ready for a gaming platform that keeps the player reward at its core while adding exciting new features to level up your experience. Funtico is introducing a fresh approach to gaming, offering you more control and excitement without losing the thrill of gearing up and achieving victory in virtual worlds.

With Funtico, your in-game assets are not just part of the virtual landscape; theyโ€™re unique, secure, and entirely yours. Itโ€™s a new era in gaming where youโ€™re in the driverโ€™s seat like never before.

Funticoโ€™s vision of an incentivized gaming platform is built on exciting rewards and gameplay that gives back. This vision is built upon three fundamental principles:

  • Incredible Rewards: We prioritize REWARDS above all else by crafting and bringing high-quality COMPETITION-BASED games to our platform that put the power in players' hands, while also providing regular rewards distributions attainable to all players based on engagement with our platform.

  • Smooth play, all the way: Technology should blend seamlessly into gaming, and improving gaming should never mean taking a step back on convenience. Straightforward gameplay is accessible to everyone to ensure optimal user experience.

  • TOURNAMENT CENTERED: Players will achieve EXCITING & GUARANTEED PRIZE POOL REWARDS as they play through games within the platform. Events and tournaments should unite people, and this will be a major part of Funtico.

To achieve this vision, Funtico is establishing our platform as the prime choice for any Web2 game publisher, while evolving into the ultimate gamer-centric Web3 platform. We want to establish a solid foundation that provides players with the opportunity for diverse and memorable gaming experiences and incredible rewards.

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